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The Billionaire's Pet Series
(BDSM Erotica Short Stories)

She decided she'd make him teacher's pet. But he turned the tables on her, thanks to an incriminating videotape, and now she's become…the Billionaire's Pet.

Spanked by Her Student Cover

Spanked by Her Student
(Billionaire's Pet #1)

Valerie's long dry spell is about to end, catapulting her into a kinky BDSM relationship with a younger man.

Sexually unsatisfied professor Valerie Dewhurst takes her frustration out on her college class, teasing them with revealing clothing that shows off her voluptuous assets. Her last boyfriend was so…vanilla, and there's no replacement on the horizon.

She yearns for a man who will take charge.

A man who will treat her as she's always wanted to be treated.

A man who will fulfill her wildest desires.

What's the old adage? Be careful what you wish for.

(6,400 words)

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Maid to Obey Cover

Maid to Obey
(Billionaire's Pet #4)

Professor Valerie's three-way romp with two of her college students continues in this sequel to Dominated into a Three Way. Thoroughly debased and sexually humiliated, Valerie thinks she's sunk as low as she can possibly go…but she's in for a big surprise!

Valerie, thanks to a blackmail sex tape, is forced to serve and obey every whim of Marcus and Joe. They subject her to bondage and maid duty, with a big dose of sexual frustration, sexual service, and slave training on the side!

(9,200 words)

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Bound to Please the Frat Party Cover

Bound to Please the Frat Party
(Billionaire's Pet #7)

Bound Valerie is on strict orders to please everyone at the party…or else!

Valerie’s the guest of honor at Marcus’s fancy dress fraternity fundraiser, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she gets to wear any clothes! Rather, her curvy body is tied into beautiful, elaborate bondage and put on display in the middle of the party for everyone’s amusement.

Completely exposed and vulnerable, Valerie catches the intimate attentions of several multicultural partygoers, male and female. All of them revel in expressing their unique kinks with — and on — the helpless Valerie.

(11,500 words)

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Banged by Two Students Cover

Banged by Two Students
(Billionaire's Pet #2)

Flirtatious professor Valerie got more than she bargained for when she negotiated a one night stand with rich, cocky, handsome college student Marcus. She now has no choice but to serve — and service — Marcus and anyone he chooses in whatever way he demands.

Marcus and his fraternity roommate, Joe, relish their dominance over her. Together, they order her to perform degrading sexual acts for their own amusement, and cruelly punish her many mistakes. As much as she hates to admit it, the humiliation has voluptuous Valerie incredibly turned on. Will her wanton desires get her into even more trouble?

(4,700 words)

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Taken by the Fraternity Cover

Taken by the Fraternity
(Billionaire's Pet #5)

Valerie Dewhurst used to have her life under control: successful college professor, quiet social life. But her fling with rich, handsome college student Marcus got her more than she bargained for, and thanks to his possession of an incriminating sex tape, he now dominates her completely.

She's gotten cleaned up and presentable since we last saw her and she's out on Saturday afternoon running errands. With one twist: she's under orders to please any man who expresses interest. When a kindly neighborhood shopkeeper admires her blouse, Valerie's day takes a turn for the...kinky.

And then, when Valerie encounters a group of horny young men who seem bent on teasing her to heights of erotic torment, her submission takes her to new depths when they introduce her to some unique bondage and show her exactly what they are made of.

(12,300 words)

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Dominated into a Three Way Cover

Dominated into a Three Way
(Billionaire's Pet #3)

Now completely at the mercy of two handsome young college men, flirtatious professor Valerie finds herself exposing more than she'd ever imagined. Marcus and Joe, in possession of a blackmail tape, have ordered Valerie to spend Saturday in a three-way with them.

Little did Valerie know that this is the least of what they have in store for her. Jam-packed with sexy action, join Valerie on her erotic journey to a date with two charming, domineering men nearly half her age!

(9,100 words)

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Dominated in His Private Spa

Dominated in His Private Spa
(Billionaire's Pet #6)

Can Valerie submit to her master's will and be granted that which she most desires?

By now, the relationship between wealthy Marcus and his professor, Valerie, is firmly established. He's dominant, she's submissive, and though she hates to admit it, that's just the way she likes it.

Having finished a particularly difficult task, Valerie is now brought to a hot springs spa to further serve her master. If she can satisfy him through orgasm denial, underwater breath play, and other degrading acts, Marcus has promised she'll finally have her reward.

Will Valerie be brought to the brink and left unsatisfied, yearning for release? Or will she be able to admit the truth about herself and fully submit to Marcus’ will?

(9,100 words)

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Author Bio

Sasha Storm writes erotic short stories for people interested in BDSM. Her series Billionaire's Pet is about Valerie, a college professor who is blackmailed by rich, sexy, mysterious student Marcus. What keeps Valerie coming back? How deep is her capacity to obey and debase herself? What commodity does Marcus' family really trade in?

Sasha writes what she likes to read. She used to devour BDSM erotica stories wherever she could find them: under Anne Rice's erotica pseudonym (did you know she had one?) or on Literotica, or very, very carefully picking through the materials on ASSTR.

An advertising executive by trade, Sasha began writing erotic shorts when e-readers became popular. She lives out in a big city with her partner, also a writer, not a single cat. She enjoys mountain biking and farmer's markets.

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